A New Level of Supply Chain Management

The industry’s most comprehensive on-site inventory. Knowledgeable customer support. Stringent quality control. When you consider the benefits, it becomes plain to see that Kellstrom Materials has created a new standard in supply chain management for air transport providers and MROs. The organization specializes in creating an individualized parts procurement program and inventory management method for its customers. By tailoring a comprehensive suite of supply chain services, Kellstrom Materials is able to ensure your supply chain flows smoothly while at the same making its administration increasingly cost-effective.

Our Services

New & Pre-owned Parts Distribution
Through dedicated acquisition support professionals, Kellstrom Materials provides you with instant access one of the largest inventories of new and pre-owned airframe and engine components, modules, sub-assemblies and materials.
Repair Management
Kellstrom Materials has developed an extensive network of high-quality overhaul and repair sources that meet the exacting quality standards of its airlines. The company also provides services to oversee and mange the repair process of customer inventories, liberating valuable administrative resources for many of its customers.
Overhauled Rotable Components
Kellstrom Materials maintains a fully documented, on-the-shelf inventory of a wide range of rotable components for virtually every commonly flown aircraft — minimizing or eliminating the need for its customer operators to constantly stock and manage the overhaul of most rotable components. No matter what your fleet make-up, Kelstrom Materials can streamline your rotable component program and reduce cost of operations.
Parts Exchange
The company offers exchange programs custom-tailored to the needs of individual air transport operators and MROs. Through these individualized programs, airlines and air transport operators can ensure that critical components and modules are always on-hand without having to commit to stocking multiple units globally.
Whole Engine Assets
In addition to fully documented engine components, Kellstrom Materials stocks a large number of whole engine assets that are available for sale or lease. For a complete list of whole engines currently available, please call 1-954-538-2140.
Fleet Provisioning Programs
Because of Kellstrom Materials’ operational heritage, the company is uniquely qualified to develop comprehensive, cost-effective fleet provisioning programs. The organization’s extensive historical database on airframes and engines allowed it to develop accurate acquisition schedules for even a diverse fleet of aircraft flying worldwide.

Kellstrom-IconTest4 Kellstrom Materials supports AOG and immediate airframe replacement part requirements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our specially trained airframe program support professionals take the guess work out of procurement and connect you to an extensive inventory of airframe line items. Chances are that the parts you need are on our shelves, but if not we also support you with comprehensive parts sourcing services. In addition, customers benefit from Kellstrom Materials’ dedication to aggressive new generation platform expansion. Airframes currently supported include:

  • Airbus A300, A310, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340
  • Boeing B727, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777
  • Canadair CRJ
  • McDonnell-Douglas DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, MD-11, MD-80
  • Fokker
Kellstrom-IconEngineSale2 Kellstrom Materials is relied on 24/7/365 to support the engine component procurement requirements of leading operators and MROs around the globe. An extensive on-the-shelf inventory coupled with a wide range of value added services to further enhance each customer’s supply chain makes Kellstrom Materials the ideal source for engine parts procurement. Engines currently supported include:

  • CF6, CF6-6, CF6-50, CF6-80, CF34
  • JT3D, JT8D, JT8D Basic, JT8D-200 series, JT9D, JT9D-A,E,J, JT9D-7Q, JT9D-7R4 PW2000, PW4000
  • V2500
  • CFM56, CFM56-2, CFM56-3, CFM56-5, CFM56-7
  • RB211-535E4