Pre-Owned Parts Distribution

Kellstrom Materials provides customers with instant access to one of the world’s largest inventories of fully documented pre-owned airframe and engine components, modules, sub-assemblies and materials. In addition to saving 30% or more for replacement parts, Kellstrom Materials supports its customers with inventory stocking programs, kitting for airframe and engine maintenance, trending data, automatic documentation storage and retrieval, automatic online notification of transactions, and customer-specified usage reports. Utilizing Kellstrom Materials as your personal inventory of fully documented pre-owned spare parts not only provides significant cost savings, but also provides a viable real time alternative to your maintenance requirements when new parts are unavailable.


  • Global distribution & customer support network
  • One of the largest on-the-shelf inventories in the industry
  • Sophisticated logistics & inventory management
  • Savings of 30% or more on replacement parts
  • Development of individualized parts procurement programs